Team PQShield’s Role in the NIST Standards

Curating the right team of experts, why keeping things simple is sometimes the best solution, and the future of post-quantum cryptography.

NIST round four and the new call for proposals

NIST standardization surprises, the renewed attention on BIKE, SIKE, Classic McEliesce and HQC, plus predictions for round four.

The industry impact of NIST’s standards announcement

The urgency around deployment, what makes an algorithm resistant to quantum computers, adoption challenges and looking ahead to standardizing protocols.

PQShield’s position in the global cryptography community

The benefits of collaboration, how the NIST standards brought the cryptography community together, and the ideal work environment.

Putting your best foot forward

Post-quantum cryptography is a complex mathematical field. It gets our team excited, but we realise there’s a lot to digest. Understanding the basic issues is a vital first step towards a quantum-secure future – but if you want to know more, our team is available to provide more detailed advice, tailored to your specific business needs.