The ultimate introduction to post-quantum cryptography

An expert-led briefing for businesses

Post-quantum cryptography tackles one of the greatest cybersecurity threats in modern times. With legislation imminent, it’s imperative that organizations and enterprises not only gain awareness, but develop an understanding that allows them to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this new era of encryption.

The products manufactured today have hardware that’s built to last, but security that is not. As a cryptography and security solutions supplier, PQShield aims to make the transition to post-quantum as smooth and professional as possible. Our solutions are already in the hands of progressive large customers such as Microchip, Collins Aerospace and Bosch.

There’s a lot of confusion around post-quantum security and the new standards, but we’re here to guide you and your business through it every step of the way – starting with our briefing for you and your team.


Who is the briefing for?

  • Tech leaders
  • IT security managers
  • VPs
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • CISOs
  • …and of course any of the key stakeholders in your teams


What’s involved?

  • Busting buzzwords
  • Post-quantum impact and implications
  • Your post-quantum timeline
  • How to build your own internal PQC briefings
  • Why start now?
  • How to get ready – what can you do?
  • Demonstration of PQShield’s offering in a live environment

Why come to us?

We specialize in post-quantum cryptography, and our team of experts has contributed to every single one of NIST’s chosen standards – as well as defining standards with countless other bodies. We create the core technologies to power the security layer of the world’s leading organizations, as well as being the only cybersecurity company that can demonstrate quantum-safe cryptography on chips, in applications, and in the cloud. Most importantly, we speak to and support businesses of all sizes every day – from government agencies to international corporations – so we understand the challenges..


By the end of the briefing, you’ll be better placed to bring the quantum conversation to the table at all levels and support your organization’s post-quantum strategy – from planning to implementation and beyond.